Turning Website Traffic Into a Stream of Revenue for SmartDreamers

We optimized the content strategy to make it data-driven and lead generation-oriented. By reshaping content policy and improving client funneling, SmartDreamers grew their qualified leads rate by 80%.

Qualified leads rate growth

About SmartDreamers

A leading talent acquisition ecosystem with Enterprise Clients, SmartDreamers had a good reputation and good traffic. They were looking to improve client funneling and close deals more consistently.

Recruitment Marketing Automation
20-50 employees
#1 talent acquisition ecosystems in the world

Quick Fixes for Big Lead Gains

In the course of audits, we discovered a lot of areas for improvement. With the focus on traffic data, design, and chatbots, the team implemented quick fixes that served a long-term plan.

SEO and Content Audits

We looked into what the team was doing already to identify quick wins and draft long-term optimization plans.


We outlined next steps for conversion rate optimization and provided new chatbot designs.


We designed a long-term content strategy to target specific verticals and improve funneling.

How we helped SmartDreamers grow their qualified leads rate by 80%

Bucharest, Romania

Being an established company, SmartDreamers was handling their marketing pretty well. Our job was to help them optimize their approach, making it about lead generation first, as well as lay the groundwork for all future campaigns.

Targeted Accounts

Companies such as L'Oreal, Siemens, UiPath, Infosys, Genpact, and many others are digitally transforming their talent acquisition ecosystem with the SmartDreamers platform. Together with MAN Digital, the SmartDreamers team was set on fast-growing brands and Enterprise companies looking to build talent pipeline machines and innovate their recruitment processes.


On the surface, SmartDreamers had it all: a stellar product, great reputation, and good traffic. Their paid ads campaigns also brought plenty of people to the website. The problem was converting those visitors into leads. SmartDreamers faced the eternal lead generation problem. With clients like L’Oreal and Renault, the company was a world-class platform for Recruitment Marketing Automation. However, they had few marketing channels to get data about their customers, and they needed a fresh perspective on their marketing strategy.


After running comprehensive SEO and content audits, we saw a lot of room for improvement in terms of visibility in search. We also noticed that SmartDreamers needed to reshape their content policy. The team then went into conversion rate optimization and conversational marketing, with a focus on traffic data, design, and chatbots. We created a list of recommendations for SmartDreamers to improve their website’s navigability and client funneling. Another big thing was updating landing pages and the branding e-book, both of which would work as lead magnets.


By the time we were done with the long-term content strategy, SmartDreamers qualified leads rate grew by 80%. Their approach to marketing and sales changed completely: they decided to center marketing around education and clarity. Now SmartDreamers have a structured way of managing projects and prioritizing tasks to reach specific goals. Even though their website was doing fine and pulling a lot of traffic, they now have all the tools they need to turn that traffic into a consistent stream of revenue.

Ovidiu SmartDreamers
Not only ideas but also insight on how to implement them

The MAN Digital’s team was knowledgeable. They provided not only ideas but also insight on how to implement them.

Ovidiu Mihai-Mărginean
Product Marketing Manager at SmartDreamers

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