Put Your Career on Energizer and Grow 5X Faster Than Your Peers.

Looking for a high-growth career in sales and marketing technology? You'll work with some of the largest, B2B organizations using cutting edge B2B solutions.

Life at MAN Digital

We think of ourselves as being forward thinkers, without overpromising. This means no b**sh*t, only build programs we can be proud of. Business is formal, but we know looks aren't everything. We love conversational and casual user experiences with our enterprise clients. The future of how businesses do sales is changing and while cannot come soon enough we can speed it up.

It's very much like a Harry Potter movie. You see, when you work at MAN Digital you live inside a beautifully designed castle where the wand is your laptop and every spell is meant to get business results.

In our magical world, we use cutting-edge technology. A combination of personalization software and data to deliver amazing experiences that are tailor-made for our client's customers.

Of course, like all great wizards, our team members have powerful capabilities to make magic happen. And here's why. We're a small but efficient company that focuses on account based marketing - an emerging digital strategy that transforms marketing from an interruptive process into one, focused on creating meaningful relationships with potential buyers.

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The values that guide us.

The magic happens here!

MAN Digital's wizard teams spend their days creating solutions that help potential buyers become real customers using contextually relevant content across multiple technology platforms. So if you're up for it, join us in our magical world where anything is possible, including your success!


The companies we work with shift and improve fast, and we pride ourselves on being entrepreneurial in digital marketing and sales solutions we provide.

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The constant hunger for excellence drives our ability to adapt and innovate in a very dynamic market.

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We are experiencing diversity in Krakow, where we host our core team from 6 different countries and proudly work with companies from all around the world.

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We like to think all this offers our clients a unique mix of skills and competencies - services they can rely on with full integrity on our side.

Listen from the people

You’ll learn more about marketing in a month working at MAN Digital than you have in the past year. The best part - you have the freedom to put things into practice right away.

Yulia Meshkova

Why MAN Digital? Opportunities! 

Opportunity to grow technically, personally and socially. After joining MAN I was amazed by the positive attitude of my co-workers, and the passion they have for the work delivered to clients. There’s nowhere in the world I’d rather … work.

Agnieszka Rudnik

Action is a part of motivation, and motivation is a part of action. These two things depend on each other, and keep circulating as long as you get up and achieve your goals.  Working at MAN.DIGITAL is being a part of this process and being a part of an extraordinary group of people

Anastasiia Azarova

Joining MAN might have been one of the best decisions in my life. I’m very grateful for having the opportunity to see a company grow so rapidly, and be able to grow with it. Not only am I learning a lot, but also meeting amazing people and building relationships I’m sure will last a lifetime.

Kamil Gładyszewski

I’m sure you’ve come across the saying - ‘Behind every successful man, there’s a woman’, but for me? Behind this woman, there is MAN - supporting me and guiding me every step of the way. If you’re searching for the perfect blend of learning and opportunities, this is the right place for you!

Kirti Sangita

Meet Our Team

MAN Digital is more than just an agency. We are a community of passionate people from all walks of life who believe that our work makes us better human beings!

Why join MAN Digital?

What makes us "A" players?

Here is how we can help you be a "A" magician and boost your career!

Group 3
Get the coaching you need to grow, no matter what obstacles come in the way.
Group 5
You'll have a diverse team on your side that helps you grow faster on the career ladder.
Group 7
We support you with getting certified in essential career competencies that boost your development.

Perks & Benefits

birtday off
Birthday off

Today is your birthday? Our gift is to give you a fully paid day off and some suprise perks from your colleagues.

Group 11
Flexible Hours

Dress up and leave sooner if you want to head out for a happy hour or plan an early afternoon training session at the gym.

Group 12
Learners are Earners

We get you access to courses and certifications and reward you for getting certified in B2B Marketing.

Group 15
Buddy Program

You'll have access to a peer-to-peer coaching program that helps you keep your learning curve positive and healthy.

Group 16
Flexible holidays

You choose when, how and for long you want to relax. After all, it's your life.

Group 19
Annual Bonus Scheme

An annual bonus scheme to reward each team member for their efforts.



Can I work remotely?

Duhhhh, OFC! A long time before the pandemic, we implemented remote work. You can work from home, travel, or move to the beach, and we will still support you reach out your goals! We have just one favor to ask, come to Krakow and meet us first!

How flexible are holiday schedules at MAN Digital?

We have a few guidelines for our team when it comes to holidays, but otherwise, you can spend them at your leisure.

Need more time than the standard? Not an issue. We support and understand the need of taking more off time to relax and connect with loved ones.

What is the bonus scheme for employees like?

It's an annual bonus based on your performance, and each team member is rewarded for their role.

With that said, remember a bonus isn't a motivation for us. We are motivated by passion and growth.

How do I get access to certifications?

MAN Digital support grows your knowledge and provides you access to courses on B2B Marketing via LinkedIn Learning, HubSpot Academy and B2B Marketing Exchange.

Do my certifications translate into other job positions?

Absolutely. We are a digital agency with both marketing and sales roles, so you'll get days of your work experience translate into other positions as well.

Is there a mentor or buddy program offered by MAN Digital?

We have a buddy program where each team member gets paired up with a mentor and a peer who helps guide you through your journey

What are some other benefits?

 Multisport and Luxmed medical benefits.