Demand Generation for Targeting Scandinavian Market

We ran digital marketing strategy workshops and design sprints, implemented HubSpot, and launched demand generation campaigns targeting the Scandinavian market. Result: 58 highly qualified leads and 3 deals of 6 figures in just 3 months. 
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About is a Polish software house that wanted to redefine its messaging: from an outsourcing company selling man-hours towards the logistics vertical.
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Software Development Consultancy
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50-100 employees
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2-time winner of Forbes Diamonds

Inbound & Outbound

To develop a long-term lead generation strategy, needed a thorough digital marketing audit, website redesign, and clearly defined framework.
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Design Sprint

We defined the buyer persona, product messaging, customer journey, and acquisition plans.
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We developed paid ads, conversational marketing, and content strategies to build a clear funnel.


We worked side by side with Skyrise to design a marketing process to generate and convert leads.

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How generated 58 high-value B2B leads in 3 mo w/ ABM

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Katowice, Poland
Being a fast-growing company, lacked the long-term marketing vision and needed a solid foundation for lead generation campaigns. Working in a team, we built a clear marketing funnel and saw impressive results.

Targeted Accounts

Logistics and Healthcare providers, as well as Enterprise companies in the Scandinavian region that require custom software development, mobile apps, and system integrations. Within logistics providers, we focused on the companies looking for business consultancy and logistics software development. In healthcare, we pursued clients in need of software solutions. In the Enterprise segment, the target was companies that require apps, cloud solutions, and software.


With a 1-person marketing team, the fast-growing company couldn’t develop a coherent in-depth marketing strategy that hits the sales goals. needed a long-term vision, clear framework, and strategies that both Marketing and Sales could get behind. To set up full-funnel best practices we also needed to implement the tools for marketing automation and revenue acceleration.


We started with an internal design sprint workshop, where we laid out the buyer persona, product messaging, customer journey, and acquisition plans. As Skyrise’s long-term vision wasn’t quite defined, we needed to test-drive different marketing messages. Based on a series of audits (SEO, content marketing, Google paid ads, UX & UI, email outreach, Google Tag Manager & Analytics), we built a clear funnel and 3 performance scenarios that simulated the potential results from inbound and outbound activities.


Our setup and teamwork throughout Q1-2020 allowed us to bring 58 qualified leads and ‍3 deals closed. We believe that best marketing is done internally so that currently we are a proud consulting partner of

Read the full story here on how we did it step by step.


We learned much more than we thought possible

We learned much more than we thought possible, and we appreciated that they were patient and thoughtful while we struggled to keep up with their innovative ideas.
Maciej Lukas
Head of Growth at

What results do we have?

Successfully implementing a CRM is like baking a cake. You need the right ingredients, a good recipe, and skill in the kitchen. Luckily, we love cooking.

We Support the First OS for FinTech Businesses

Our team run a Hubspot Portal audit, built landing pages, newsletter and supported the team at FintechOS with Hubspot Management.

Demand Generation for Software Houses Targeting Scandinavian Market

We ran digital marketing strategy workshops, implemented HubSpot, and launched demand gen campaigns that brought 3 6-figure deals in just 3 months. 

Making an Impact in Digital Health in Times of COVID-19

We built an Account-Based Marketing strategy for digital health. Currently running ABM campaigns targeting big pharma.

Give leverage to your revenue with account-based programs.

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  • Improve the sales velocity
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  • Improve marketing ROI drastically
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