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Partner with our top-tier strategists, content creators, and media professionals to bring your brand story to life and captivate your audience's attention.

New Deals Creation

Open new doors with integrated campaigns attracting high-quality leads ready to buy.

Brand Story

Design and copywrite compelling narratives to engage your audience and set you apart.

Sales Velocity

Take your sales cycle from lead to customer faster and more efficiently with integrated marketing strategies.

Performance Tracking

Get a clear picture of the real impact of your marketing efforts on revenue growth with comprehensive analytics

“I am delighted with the services of MAN Digital”

… They know how sales, marketing, service and your specific operations connect. !

review from Faasse, M. CMO

“This is a perfect agency for Software Houses.”

… to build a proper Marketing & Sales alignment and to end up with more effective tools and processes.

review from Machowiak, A. CMO


Bold Creativity & Experts Execution 

We blend creative freedom with disciplined growth tactics, bringing differentiation and repeatability to your marketing programs.

Demand Strategy

We assess your targets, review current actions to discover key growth opportunities, and revamp your marketing approach.

We help with:

  • Ideal Customer Profile & Buying Personas
  • Strategic Narrative & Value Proposition
  • Content Plan
  • Multi-Channel Campaigns


Performance Marketing

Experts execution support in creating and capturing demand, increasing brand awareness, and driving website conversions.

We help with:

  • Campaign Setup & Execution
  • Media Mix Efficiency
  • Ongoing Optimisation
  • ROI Tracking and Conversions

Creatives & Content

Creatives & content & landing pages

Engage and convert your audience with compelling creatives and content that brings impact and aligns with your brand’s story.

We help with:

  • Visual Concepts
  • Ad Creatives & Copywriting
  • Websites & Landing Pages
  • Video Ads

Reporting on Pipeline

We will not tell you we did our job bringing more MQLs. Our success metrics are qualified sales leads, qualified opportunities, Ad CAC, and pipeline velocity.

We help with:

  • Data Tracking
  • Full Funnel Reporting
  • Real-Time Dashboards
  • Pipeline Attribution

We excel in integrating HubSpot's powerful platform into our services, ensuring a smooth operations flow and reporting - all aimed at optimising customer's journey and marketing ROI.


Your Squad 

Each campaign is crafted to meet your unique marketing needs, ensuring tailored strategy, creatives, and execution.


  • Market Analysis
  • Campaign Planning
  • Strategic Insight
  • Growth Roadmapping

Art Directors

  • Creative Vision
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Design Leadership
  • Visual Innovation

Media Experts

  • Channel Expertise
  • Ad Placement
  • Budget Management
  • Performance Maximisation

RevOps Architects

  • Process Streamlining
  • Technology Integration
  • Sales Enablement
  • Efficiency Driving


  • Persuasive Messaging
  • Content Crafting
  • Tone Consistency
  • Engagement Driving


Our network of copywriters spans the globe, enabling us to localise campaigns for maximum relevance and impact in your target markets. We support CEE, DACH, Spain, and France.


50+ Satisfied B2B Customers Can't Be Wrong

Marketing activities now have a clear ROI for our board. It was impossible to calculate this ROI before. Right now, ABM is a really key part of our marketing strategy. Everything is being calculated from the ABM perspective. Thank you MAN Digital.

clients image

Sebastian Kaiser

CMO @ Divante

Your team helped us scale, sorted out all the mess with different data and different activities, folded around magnificent work and picked up those activities when needed. The results were outstanding.

clients image

Darek Kociecki

Chief Growth Officer @ Neoteric

We now have a clear, structured process that has not only streamlined our operations but also boosted our visibility into the buyer's journey and enhanced our forecasting capabilities. - Roland Simon

Roland Simon

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer @

With MAN Digital's help, we successfully migrated to HubSpot and implemented our Revenue Operations ready for ABM. We can now confidently handle all of our customers with ease.

Michał Kowalski - The Software house

Michał Kowalski

Head of Marketing @ The Software House

The team from MAN Digital played a pivotal role in developing a skilled in-house marketing team. They helped us understand the potential of RevOps but also implemented a comprehensive system to leverage it

Leopold van Oosten

Leopold van Oosten

Founder & CMO @ Amsterdam Standard

Their comprehensive audit and future state process development gave us the operational clarity we needed. We look forward to continuing our work with them.

Monica Axinte

Monica Axinte

Senior VP of Marketing @ DataFeedWatch by

MAN Digital's efforts resulted in more in-depth customer journeys which will subsequently impact conversion rates. Thanks to their industry knowledge, they were able to improve re-engagement and focus on the business's unique positioning. Their high-quality services were noteworthy.

Łukasz Ciesielski

Head Of Marketing @ Pragmatic Coders

With one of our Co-Founders not some junior sales rep.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • MAN Digital focuses on tangible results, not just metrics. Our demand gen is about creating meaningful engagements that lead to sales, using innovative strategies tailored to B2B with high ACV.

  • A squad team brings together specialised experts to work on your project, from strategists to media buyers, ensuring every aspect of your campaign is optimised for success.

  • Our creative team, including art directors and copywriters, designs visually compelling content and ensures it resonates with your audience and drives conversions.

  • Absolutely; our conversion optimisation experts can revamp your landing pages to improve user experience and increase conversion rates.

  • We leverage a global network of copywriters to localise your campaigns, ensuring that every message is culturally and contextually relevant to your audience.

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Maybe you've been burned by overpriced agencies that build generic campaigns. That's why we created a business devoted to B2B companies with long sales cycles.

  • New Deals Creation
  • Improved Time to Close
  • Revenue Uptick
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Engaging Designs
  • Compelling Copy
  • Higher Conversions
  • Process Efficiency
  • Insightful Analytics 
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