Our Process

Step 1

Develop an ABM strategy that impacts your pipeline growth

man digitall - ABM

Relevance is essential to your campaign's success. We run a series of workshops to understand your objectives, business model, audiences, and messaging pillars.

  • Business context
  • Market drivers
  • Target accounts
  • Buyers journey map
  • Perception shifts
  • Messaging pillars
Step 2

Define a creative concept to 
initiate conversations

man digital - creative concepts - abm

Buyers don’t want to talk to sales. Defining a unique value proposition and insightful content is a backbone of a campaign that truly resonates with your target accounts.

  • Unique value proposition concepts
  • Value proposition approval
  • Campaign messaging
Step 3

Draw your orchestration plan with clear actions and triggers

Man Digital Plan

We sketch out a plan for your campaign. How will potential customers find and engage with you? What's your budget and timeline? How will you track progress and adapt to reach your goals?

  • Conversion paths and touchpoints
  • Marketing and sales plays
  • Required Infrastructure 
  • Engagement measurements
  • Customized content outline
Step 4

Produce assets and ensure the right setup before going live

mand digital - persolanilazation spectrum - abm

ABM assets can take many forms, such as case studies, whitepapers, webinars, or personalized gifts. The goal is to build deeper relationships with target accounts based on expertise.

  • Assets production
  • Sales playbooks
  • Ad accounts set up
  • Infrastructure setup
  • Automation setup
Step 5

Launch your ABM campaign, track account engagement, and fuel pipeline growth.

man digital - abm launch

Have in mind that ABM is a strategic decision and you might need to wait for results to come. You should be looking at it as a new GTM.

  • Sales and marketing play execution
  • Account engagement tracking
  • Intent and engagement signaling
  • Campaign optimization
  • Pipeline growth reporting

Difference between ABM and Traditional Marketing



Sales sells to whoever marketing sources



Marketing starts with sales’ targets

Different perspectives

The client knows roughly what you’ve done in the past for others, but what can you specifically do for them?

Traditional B2B marketing
Account Based Marketing

Acquire new accounts

Grow existing and new accounts


Broad-based, casting a wide net 
(eg. industry marketing)

Narrow focus on target accounts


Brand building at global, regional or industry level

Brand building at the account level


Product and solution marketing

Customized solution on account level

Sales alignment:

Lead generation for sales;
handoff from marketing to sales

Opportunity development with sales; collaboration 

Traditional B2B marketing

Acquire new accounts


Broad-based, casting a wide net 
(eg industry marketing)


Brand building at global or regional or industry level


Product and solution marketing

Sales alignment:

Lead generation for sales;
handoff from marketing to sales

Account Based Marketing

Grow existing and new accounts


Narrow focus on highly targeted accounts


Brand building at account level


Customized solution on account level

Sales alignment:

Opportunity development with sales; collaboration throughout the sales cycle

Some of our recent testimonials from our clients. Who recommends us?

Marketing activities now have a clear ROI for our board. It was impossible to calculate this ROI before. Right now, ABM is a really key part of our marketing strategy. Everything is being calculated from the ABM perspective. Thank you MAN Digital.

clients image

Sebastian Kaiser

CMO @ Divante

Your team helped us scale, sorted out all the mess with different data and different activities, folded around magnificent work and picked up those activities when needed. The results were outstanding.

clients image

Darek Kociecki

Chief Growth Officer @ Neoteric

We now have a clear, structured process that has not only streamlined our operations but also boosted our visibility into the buyer's journey and enhanced our forecasting capabilities. 

Pixyke.ai - Roland Simon

Roland Simon

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer @ Pixyle.ai

With MAN Digital's help, we successfully migrated to HubSpot and implemented our Revenue Operations ready for ABM. We can now confidently handle all of our customers with ease.

Michał Kowalski - The Software house

Michał Kowalski

Head of Marketing @ The Software House

The team from MAN Digital played a pivotal role in developing a skilled in-house marketing team. They helped us understand the potential of RevOps but also implemented a comprehensive system to leverage it

Leopold van Oosten

Leopold van Oosten

Founder & CMO @ Amsterdam Standard

Their comprehensive audit and future state process development gave us the operational clarity we needed. We look forward to continuing our work with them.

Monica Axinte

Monica Axinte

Senior VP of Marketing @ DataFeedWatch by Cart.com

MAN Digital's efforts resulted in more in-depth customer journeys which will subsequently impact conversion rates. Thanks to their industry knowledge, they were able to improve re-engagement and focus on the business's unique positioning. Their high-quality services were noteworthy.

Łukasz Ciesielski

Head Of Marketing @ Pragmatic Coders

The way you land deals will never be the same.

  • Digitize your sales process and scale faster
  • Accelerate pipeline growth
  • Improve the sales velocity
  • Conduct consistent pre-sales
  • Improve marketing ROI drastically
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You should offer high value services of at least 20 000€ annual contract value. Few examples:


    1. You have an enterprise or premium plans in your subscription service

    2. You are an IT software provider selling high value projects

    3. You sell and address your services to enterprises

    4. You are able to define a broad sub-segments and customize your offering towards them at scale

  • It depends if you want to rollout a full-scale GTM or experiment with a new tactic.

    We will need to work with a marketing leader and at least one sales representative that could work alongside to engage with customers and prove the ROI from this approach. We also recommend to include SME (subject matter expert).

    For ABM advertising you should have a minimum 3k-5k€ a month to spend on ads. Cheapest way to start is Linkedin. If you consider rollworks, n.rich or 6sense you fall into 5 figure budgets.

  • We have 2 options:


    1. Limit our service to putting together and ABM strategy and mentoring without an ability to run and manage it for you on HubSpot infrastructure.


    2. We execute your ABM program and yes, then we require you to use HubSpot.

  • It depends what kind of program you want to run. Is it strategic 1:1 abm, 1:few or at scale 1:many.


    Nonetheless, usually first month is dedicated to strategy and messaging. Month 2-3 is all about preparing the infrastructure and assets. Month 3-4 we start running pilot campaigns and iterate fast to prove pipeline growth.