HubSpot Portal Audit for FintechOS

Our team ran a HubSpot Portal audit, built landing pages, newsletter and supported the team at FintechOS with HubSpot management. Now FintechOS can use the HubSpot ecosystem to its full potential.

About FintechOS

Global provider of technology for the digital transformation of banks and insurance companies. In 24 months, FintechOS onboarded 40+ Financial Services clients across the world.

Financial Tech
200+ employees
Europe’s hottest FinTech startup in 2020

HubSpot Optimization

We looked at how FintechOS used HubSpot tools, identified the gaps, and set the benchmarks for the new way to use the CRM to drive engagement of best-fit accounts.

Portal Audit

Our consultant deep dived into FintechOS HubSpot Portal to identify gaps in the marketing and sales funnel. 

Quick Wins

Based on the audit, we could identify setup gaps and suggest improvements for quick wins.

Ongoing consulting

We provide ongoing consulting services to make sure HubSpot portal delivers maximum results.

How FintechOS started applying HubSpot ecosystem to its full potential

Bucharest, Romania

FintechOS was using HubSpot for both marketing and sales. However, not all tools were set up correctly and some certifications were missing. To make sure the CRM brings desired results, FintechOS needed an in-depth HubSpot audit and clear recommendations.

Targeted Accounts

FintechOS operates in 20+ international markets with offices in London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Copenhagen, and Bucharest. Its key accounts are Retail banking, SME banking, and Insurance companies looking for highly personalized financial solutions to integrate their systems of record, systems of engagement, and systems of intelligence.


To understand the impact of marketing and sales efforts on the engagement of target accounts, FintechOS needed to optimize its usage of HubSpot Sales and Marketing Hubs. MAN Digital had to see which tools were not in use, identify knowledge and setup gaps, and build a routine that would empower FintechOS’s international team to make data-based predictions and use HubSpot to drive growth.


We started with analyzing HubSpot tools engagement (Marketing and Sales Hubs) in the last 90 days. Then, we moved on to traffic analytics for a 6-month period and made recommendations to FintechOS’s content strategy. We then looked into conversion analytics with a breakdown into different kinds of pages. Finally, we dived into revenue analytics with a focus on target accounts. By looking at all of this data, we were able to identify quick wins and provide benchmarks for growth.


Following the initial audit, the FintechOS team completed missing HubSpot certificates, which complemented their usage of tools with the necessary knowledge. Once the gaps in tool usage were addressed and a new routine was built, FintechOS had both the tools and the expertise to use the HubSpot ecosystem’s many features to deepen the engagement with target accounts.

Daniel Pirciu
Fast turnaround time, high quality, and fast support

Their ability to provide a fast turnaround time, high quality, and fast support was outstanding.

Daniel Pirciu
CRO @ FintechOS

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