Divante Landed 30% More Deals With Account Based Marketing.

With account based marketing, we helped Divante crush their marketing influence revenue targets while optimizing their costs at the same time. Find out how in the following case study.

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About Divante

Divante, is a global eCommerce solution provider headquartered in Poland with more than 350 employees. Some of Divante's clients are Bosh, SAP, Marc O'Polo', and Staples.

Software House
600+ clients globally
Awarded a spot in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2020

Strategy and framework go hand in hand.

When it comes to B2B marketing, one size does not fit all. Traditional methods like lead generation are not as effective when targeting large enterprise accounts. This is where account based marketing comes in, by taking a targeted approach.


Our initial focus was on building a process and framework that everyone could follow. A successful account-based marketing strategy relies on this.

Personalized offering for each ICP

We mapped the ICPs with industry imperatives and accounts needs to build laser focused value proposition and offering. This helped us to create personalized messages for each account.

Segment Specific Content

Based on the strategy, Divate redesigned their content strategy to be more segment-specific content that appeals to the interests of their ideal customers throughout the buying journey.

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Divante's account-based program strategy brings 30% more marketing-influenced deals.

Wrocław, Poland

Divante was able to increase attributed revenue by 50%. They also optimized their costs by 25%. If you're looking for ways to improve your B2B marketing strategy, consider implementing an account-based marketing approach. Learn more about how to make this happen by reading this case study.

Targeted Accounts

In the software consultancy business, Divante is known for providing eCommerce solutions. As their sales increased, they realized that their marketing needed a more laser focus and be more effective to their TAL (targeted-acconts list), with clear segments in retail and fashion eCommerce.


Divante had a very good understanding of what ABM can do nevertheless they needed a strategy, better framework, and a process so they can execute ABM at the company level. The marketing heritage was mostly traditional lead generation, SEO, broad content marketing and outreach. We worked with their Marketing Director, Strategy & Innovation Director, and Sales Director to create an ABM strategy accompanied by a sales and marketing framework.


We helped Divante enhance messaging, strategize account-specific content, laser-focused ads and hyper-personalized outreach.

Having clear segments in retail and fashion, based on the strategy, Divante was able to produce tailored content for each account and persona.

The first step for Divante was to change their ads, targeting the TAL (targeted account list).

Secondly, the content team needed to develop new material that would be useful for the TAL.

Based on the strategy, Divate redesigned its content strategy to be more segment-specific content that appeals to the interests of their ideal customers throughout the buying journey.

The third step was outreach, which consisted of hyper-personalized emails and LinkedIn messages. Each new marketer is required to take ABM training.

We built lead flows to align the teams.

MAN Digital & Divante’s CSO outlined lead flow processes, SLAs, and guidelines to ensure no leads would be missed.

We also built cadences for each stage of the buyer’s journey, from MQL to SQL.

ABM is not a one-time initiative; it’s a long-term strategy that should be included in your day-to-day operations.

We helped Divante set up a process and framework that would enable them to run ABM as part of their everyday operations. This way, they wouldn’t have to start from scratch every time they wanted to launch an ABM campaign.


In six months, these steps increased attributed revenue by 50% and marketing influence pipeline growth by 30%. In addition, they optimized their process, resulting in a 25% reduction in costs.

Everything is being calculated from the ABM perspective.

Marketing activities now have a clear ROI for our board. It was impossible to calculate this ROI before. Right now, ABM is a really key part of our marketing strategy. Everything is being calculated from the ABM perspective. Thank you MAN Digital.

Sebastian Kaiser

Give leverage to your revenue with account-based programs.

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