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DataFeedWatch refines outbound through process gaps analysis 

DataFeedWatch by redefined their outbound operational effectiveness through strategic B2B process audit and future state roadmap.
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About DataFeedWatch 

DataFeedWatch by is a data feed management and optimization software that offers businesses a unified platform to manage and automate their product feeds.
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Software as a service
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+17000 clients globally
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Trusted by companies like Addidas, Kenzo, Decathlon, and Born.


From chaotic outbound process into repeatable playbook 

Companies cannot reach buyers with ad hoc outreach activities anymore. Thus, in the first phase of collaboration with DataFeedWatch, we focused on mapping technical and skills gaps in the outbound process to spot opportunities for improvements. 
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Outbound process audit

We started with mapping all processes, workflows, and tech stack involved in outbound to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. 
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Future state process mapping

Based on the gathered data, we created a future state map for DataFeedWatch's refined outbound process, aligning their team on all new steps. 

Unified tech stack for outbound campaigns

We connected all tools involved in outbound campaigns with HubSpot CRM collecting scattered customer data under one roof.  

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Clear and simple outbound process

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San Mateo, United States
DataFeedWatch by gains operational clarity in their outbound process with simplified prospecting and a unified tech stack. Here's how they achieved that with our help.


DataFeedWatch aimed to improve outbound efficiency and key metrics like deliverability, open rates, reply rates, and trial/demo bookings
However, operational and technology stack issues hindered progress.



We audited DataFeedWatch's Hubspot CRM and technology stack, focusing on the outbound process.

Through qualitative and quantitative analysis, we identified skill, tech, and process gaps.

We used the SPICED framework inspired by Winning By Design and mapped out a future state process in collaboration with their internal teams.


Through our future state process mapping, we delivered operational clarity, simplified prospecting, and unified tech stack.

As a result, DataFeedWatch's teams are able to deploy outreach campaigns faster and more effectively. 

Monica Axinte

Their comprehensive audit and future state process development gave us the operational clarity we needed. We look forward to continuing our work with MAN Digital to optimize our process further and bring air cover to our outbound team.

Monica Axinte
Senior VP of Marketing

What results do we have?

Successfully implementing an ABM is like baking a cake. You need the right ingredients, a good recipe, and skill in the kitchen. Luckily, we love cooking.

We Support the First OS for FinTech Businesses

Our team run a Hubspot Portal audit, built landing pages, newsletter, and supported the team at FintechOS with Hubspot Management.

Demand Generation for Software Houses Targeting Scandinavian Market

We ran digital marketing strategy workshops, implemented HubSpot, and launched demand gen campaigns that brought three 6-figure deals in just 3 months. 

Making an Impact in Digital Health in Times of COVID-19

We built an Account-Based Marketing strategy for digital health. Currently running ABM campaigns targeting big pharma.

Give leverage to your revenue with account-based programs.

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