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How itCraft got 3x more leads and 600% increase in organic traffic




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When it comes to choosing between clients delivery and marketing, software houses always prioritize clients. It doesn’t mean that marketing is neglected completely, it’s just rarely prioritized. This was the case with itCraft — a Polish software house making high-end style apps but missing out on promoting to their full potential

Targeted Accounts

Companies of different size - startup to Enterprise like DHL or Deloitte - looking for mobile and web apps to address challenges in their respective fields.


The company’s plain marketing strategy brought a steady flow of clients but worked not nearly as good as word of mouth. Regularly exceeding clients’ expectations, itCraft experimented with 3rd party recommendation portals. Again, moderate, steady growth. But the team was ready for something bigger.  The goals were: 
• To increase an organic traffic coming from content marketing
• Build a strategic approach to content production & design
• Deviate from one-fits-all strategy
• Generate more leads through inbound activities


We started by running a two-day internal design sprint workshop on crafting an in-depth marketing strategy. After that, we proceeded to SEO and content audits. This, combined with traffic analytics, made it clear for us that the itCraft team needed empowerment to share their extraordinary knowledge with the customers in a more structured way.

Together, we developed a cohesive action plan and set milestones for the transformed,  funnel-based content strategy. Enriched by newly hired content and SEO specialists, itCraft swiftly proceeded to the execution process. 

The biggest focus at the end was to establish key growth areas and build scalable frameworks that itCraft team could introduce to their marketing strategy in the next months. Another focus was on diversifying the strategy to fit multiple buyer personas.

Thanks to the workshop with MAN
Digital we significantly increased the commitment to content creation and SEO. As our expertise became the center of the content strategy, we implemented a Portfolio section on our website and started to regularly publish case studies. Next step was to create sales enablement content for each buyer persona and new presentations for entry point offers.

Paulina Chmielewska

Head of Marketing at itCraft

The team re-edited content and redesigned the website, implementing a chat for customers to ask questions directly. Working on entry point offers, itCraft also produced an e-book that became an instant lead magnet. Thanks to user segmentation and email automation, the e-book was easily re-distributed and brought valuable traffic.

Another focus set by MAN Digital was changing the role of itCraft’s app development workshops.. Inspired by the impact, the team went on to hire a video production company and transform the workshops into a promotion tool.


Despite the pandemic, itCraft’s capacity is at 100% and everyone is fully booked with projects. The team is dedicated to expanding its expert content base in various formats, including video. Having fully embraced the customer-centered approach, itCraft also started a new series of webinars. Their team has grown significantly as well. 

With a robust customer base of global clients acquired thanks to the marketing makeover, itCraft has big plans for the rest of 2020 and beyond. It was a big pleasure to support itCrafts and of course results would have not been possible if not an extraordinary team we had a chance to work with. 



Software Development


50-100 employees


Top clients, award-winning apps 

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How itCraft got 3x more leads and 600% increase in organic traffic

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