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We combine strategy, execution with SDR's, researchers, strategists, marketers, and revenue architects to help close more deals for B2B companies with long sales cycles. 

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We work with B2B tech companies looking for a partner to help
them build more revenue operations for their marketing,
sales and customer success teams.
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Demand Generation

This is where we extend our capabilities and produce revenue enabling content, manage paid advertising, and engage your audience. We turn cold leads into warm connections for your brand.

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Revenue Operations

We support companies seeking B2B go-to-market fit. Using HubSpot and all your tech stack, we ensure your customers are engaged, tracked, and reported throughout their customer journey. In HubSpot, we do it all: inbound marketing, paid ads, sales process, and customer experience. 


Account-Based Programs

We ensure your company gets high-ticket clients by connecting with decision makers within your niche to close revenue deals. Plus, we continuously monitor your targeted accounts buying signals, so you will never miss out on any opportunities.


We're experts in Revenue Growth for Tech

Our programs are made for tech companies looking to sign deals in new or existing markets.

Software Houses
B2B SaaS
IT Service Providers
B2B Ecommerce
Cloud Infrastructure Solution
Art Tech
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Programs with tangible results

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Our success stories explain our strategies step-by-step. Read how we've grown the bottom line of dozens of businesses and apply the learnings to your own strategies


See what our clients have to say

Everything is being calculated from the ABM perspective.

Marketing activities now have a clear ROI for our board. It was impossible to calculate this ROI before. Right now, ABM is a really key part of our marketing strategy. Everything is being calculated from the ABM perspective. Thank you MAN Digital.

Sebastian Kaiser
CMO @ Divante
Darek - neoteric
The results were outstanding.

Your team helped us scale, sorted out all the mess with different data and different activities, folded around magnificent work and picked up those activities when needed. The results were outstanding.

Darek Kociecki
Chief Growth Officer @ Neoteric
Maciej Lukas SKYRISE-1
We learned much more than we thought possible

I was blown away by the knowledge and experience that MAN Digital had about our industry and our market.

Maciej Lukas
Growth Manager @ Skyrise
Ovidiu SmartDreamers
We really admired their data driven approach.

Proper monitoring of hormone replacement is a relatively recent innovation that makes this therapy much safer. We can now insure proper dosages in the accepted normal physiologic range. Cancer risk is greatly reduced by this refined approach to replacement therapy.

Ovidiu Marginean
CMO @ SmartDreamers
Daniel Pirciu
Fast turnaround time, high quality, and fast support
Their ability to provide a fast turnaround time, high quality, and fast support was outstanding.
Daniel Pirciu
CRO @ FintechOS
Paulina itCraft-1
They try different attitudes, they do different activities
and we can see that they follow what they teach others.
Paulina Chmielewska
CMO @ itCraft
MAN Digital's efforts resulted in more in-depth customer journeys
which will subsequently impact conversion rates. Thanks to their industry knowledge, they were able to improve re-engagement and focus on the business' unique positioning. Their high-quality services were noteworthy.
Łukasz Ciesielski
Head Of Marketing @ Pragmatic Coders

Give leverage to your revenue with account-based programs.

Book a strategy call with our senior strategists to see how our account-based marketing framework helps you grow your pipeline, scale your team, upsell and cross-sell your services. We can help you:

  • Digitize your sales process and scale faster

  • Accelerate pipeline growth

  • Improve the sales velocity

  • Conduct consistent pre-sales

  • Improve marketing ROI drastically

  • Book a strategy call