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Playbooks that worked in the past don't cut it anymore

Marketing burns money on lead-gen campaigns with contacts who will never buy from you.

Your outbound doesn’t reach prospects due to tightened Google and Outlook security.

Lack of proper CRM analytics, automation, and forecasting makes your teams act blindly.


Adapt your strategies to the new GTM landscape and achieve reliable growth

We jump right away into your strategies and CRM, identify growth levers, and launch
integrated campaigns to grow the pipeline that converts into revenue. Repeatedly.

Pipeline and revenue

Customer acquisition cost

RevOps infrastructure and analytics

One agency for all your growth needs

Our senior B2B marketing and RevOps guys put all the growth pieces together, from running Demand Gen and ABM campaigns to HubSpot setup and operations. 


1. Account-Based Marketing

Turn your target accounts from unaware to open deals. No cold prospecting. We help you make decision-makers know your brand through targeted expert content to open sales conversations.


2. Demand Generation

Create and capture demand with stop-scrolling digital campaigns and Google Paid. We help you grab your buyers’ attention, build brand awareness, and drive website conversions. 


3. HubSpot Services

Set up one system to manage all your teams - it scales with your business. Our HubSpot guys will train your guys on how to use it effectively, turning them into CRM heroes. No vital process slips through the crack.


4. Revenue Operations

Gain control over your revenue processes with proper analytics and automation. Keep an eye on your business health and teams’ performance with easy-to-follow reports and adapt your strategy based on what you see.

We’re not like other agencies

Traditional Agencies

North star Vanity metrics like MQLs
Approach Reactive and tactical
Team Junior specialists after senior talks
Best for Companies looking for channel-specific expertise

MAN Digital

Revenue, pipeline growth, CAC
Strategic and proactive
Senior guys with +8 years of experience
Companies searching for end-to-end orchestration

Get on the long-term growth trajectory


Blind to how marketing and sales are really performing.

Sales and marketing ROI doesn't justify the costs.

Juggling between random tactics without a long-term plan.


Have the right infrastructure to see what's working.

Integrated campaigns bring pipeline and profitable growth. 

Growth frameworks and blueprints that work like GPS for your teams.

Check what B2B leaders say about working with us

Leopold Van Osteen

CEO & Co-Founder of Amsterdam Standard

Leo - Amsterdam Standard

RevOps helped us scale

MAN Digital introduced us to RevOps and set up a system to leverage it. Their hands-on coaching gave our marketing team a solid foundation to scale our operations.

Monica Axinte

Senior VP Marketing @ DataFeedWatch by


ABM helped us achieve our business goals.

Collaborating with MAN Digital on ABM Ads campaigns fostered our global growth.

Darek Kociecki

Chief Growth Officer @ Neoteric


Results were outstanding

Your team helped us scale, and sort out all the mess with different activities and data, folded around magnificent work.

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Maybe you've been burned by overpriced agencies that build generic campaigns and don't even look at your CRM. That's why we created a business devoted to B2B companies with long sales cycles.

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