Accelerate your pipeline growth


Build segment-focus, solution driven strategies with actionable implementation plans.


Make the most of your budget with captivating content designed to generate demand.


Run integrated multi-channel campaigns ensuring consistent brand narrative.

We help you build and execute campaigns that drive revenue

Experts in cross-functional b2b campaigns

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1. Account-Based Marketing

Define a unified strategy with sales and marketing,  ensuring alignment on target accounts, messaging, and goals to maximize impact.

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2.  Demand Generation

Execute targeted and personalized demand-generation campaigns to engage key accounts. Utilize a combination of digital marketing and account-specific content.

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3. HubSpot Implementation

Provide sales teams with the necessary triggers, insights, and training aligned with the ABM campaign.  Enhance contextualized and personalized lead follow-up.

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4. Revenue Operations

Integrate marketing and sales systems, ensuring seamless data flow and communication. Put reporting in place to track the success of the integrated efforts.

Traditional Agencies vs MAN Digital


Traditional Agencies

MAN Digital

North star

Vanity metrics like MQLs

Revenue and pipeline growth with clear ROI


Generic and broad messaging

Focus on segments and individual accounts


Junior specialists after senior talks 

Senior experts across the entire collaboration

Best for

Companies looking for channel-specific expertise

Companies searching for end-to-end orchestration

Impact on Revenue Leaders


  • Stop being generic in a competitive market and focus on sub-segments.
  • Add new go-to-market that allow you to win bigger contracts with big brands.
  • Get full visibility into revenue coming from named accounts you go after.

Sales Leader

  • Get insights into account pains/needs, intent signals and behaviour data for more relevant connections. 
  • Switch from volume based outreach to quality connections based on expertise and relevant  value proposition.

Marketing Leader

  • Optimise your marketing spend and generate pipeline value instead of MQLs
  • Improve engagement and conversion rates with better segmentation.
  • Win big with hyper-personalised approach toward strategic accounts.

ABM Strategy

Launch your ABM campaign with an experienced partner and generate more pipeline for your company.

Revenue Operations

Uncover opportunities across your entire funnel and hit 2024 targets with confidence.

Campaigns that drive revenue growth

+ 30%
more won deals

Divante closes 30% more deals with ABM

+ 9
enterprise discussions

Duon initiates 9 enterprise discussions with ABM

+ €500k
sales pipeline

Neoteric adds €500k€ to its pipeline in 3 months.

Talk to the B2B expert.

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