Amsterdam Standard streamlines teams' operations through RevOps

Amsterdam Standard adopts Revenue Operations in HubSpot and builds an all-encompassing system that ties together marketing, sales, and customer success.
implemented for sales,
marketing, and customer success
content strategy 
for in-house team
insights into
customer journey

About Amsterdam Standard

Amsterdam Standard helps Dutch tech companies scale their product development teams with top-notch talent that's challenging to find in the Netherlands.
Their delivery centers and 145+ specialists in Poland offer impeccable services for hassle-free scaling, enabling clients to focus more on their business.
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Software House
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+145 specialists
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Works with prominent clients, including MrWork, Scoupy, Channel Engine, Leading Courses, Platform 161, OnRecruit, Vandebron
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Revenue is a team sport, not a departmental thing

RevOps views CRM as a platform for feedback and team collaboration. In our project with Amsterdam Standard, implementing HubSpot for all departments was a foundation for streamlining business operations.
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Level up RevOps and marketing

We created a content marketing strategy and implemented Hubspot for sales, marketing, and customer success.
With streamlined teams' processes, Amsterdam Standard built a basis for running successful marketing and outbound campaigns.
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From education to execution:
Comprehensive revamp

We executed new GTM initiatives, including a webinar that generated a substantial number of leads.
Next, we implemented a new measurement system in HubSpot to get insights into a customer journey.

Stakeholders alignment

Initial alignment with the CEO and Founder set the strategic direction.
As the project evolved, the Head of Growth, Marketing, and Delivery Managers took primary roles.

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Scaling operations with RevOps

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam Standard implements HubSpot and leverages RevOps to scale GTM processes. Here's a simplified version of how they achieved that with our help.


Amsterdam Standard was building their marketing team and needed education, direction, and hands-on coaching from an experienced team.
They also required a comprehensive system that encapsulated the entire buying journey.
Scaling business operations efficiently while also developing a skilled in-house marketing team?

Let's dive into it.



First, we held educational workshops to establish a common understanding and expectations.

After that, we developed a content marketing strategy and implemented Hubspot for sales, marketing, and customer success.

In addition, we facilitated successful outbound GTMs, including their first webinar which generated an impressive number of leads.

Biweekly office hours were held to address any questions from the teams, and we operated on a Sprint basis using ClickUp.

Finally, we established a data governance system and trained the Amsterdam Standard team to use the new processes.


This strategy laid the foundations and significantly boosted
the development of the marketing team at Amsterdam

At the same time, streamlined processes across marketing, sales, and customer success teams formed the groundwork for successful Revenue Operations.

Leopold van Oosten

The team from MAN Digital played a pivotal role in developing a skilled in-house marketing team.

They helped us understand the potential of RevOps but also implemented a comprehensive system to leverage it.
Their educational workshops and hands-on coaching gave our
marketing team a solid foundation to scale our operations.
Leopold van Oosten
CEO & Co-founder of Amsterdam Standard

What results do we have?

Successfully implementing a CRM is like baking a cake. You need the right ingredients, a good recipe, and skill in the kitchen. Luckily, we love cooking. enhanced GTM efficiency with RevOps

Pixyle partnered with us to revamp their buyer journey visibility, revenue analytics, forecasting, and outbound process.

Demand Generation for Software Houses Targeting Scandinavian Market

We ran digital marketing strategy workshops, implemented HubSpot, and launched demand gen campaigns that brought 3 6-figure deals in just 3 months. 

Making an Impact in Digital Health in Times of COVID-19

We built an Account-Based Marketing strategy for digital health. Currently running ABM campaigns targeting big pharma.

Give leverage to your revenue with account-based programs.

Book a strategy call with our senior strategists to see how our account-based marketing framework helps you grow your pipeline, scale your team, upsell and cross-sell your services. We can help you:
  • Digitize your sales process and scale faster
  • Accelerate pipeline growth
  • Improve the sales velocity
  • Conduct consistent pre-sales
  • Improve marketing ROI drastically
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