How generated 58 high-value B2B leads in 3 mo w/ ABM




Leads Generated


Qualified Leads


6 Figure Opportunities

Intro is a Polish software house that wanted to redefine its messaging, from an outsourcing company that sells man-hours, towards the logistics vertical. A two-time winner of the prestigious Forbes Diamonds award and a technology leader in the region.

Targeted Accounts

Logistics and healthcare providers, as well as Enterprise companies from other industries, that require custom software, mobile apps, and system integrations.


With a 1-person marketing team, the fast-growing company couldn’t develop a coherent in-depth marketing strategy that hits the sales goals. Skyrise needed a long-term vision, clear framework, and strategies that both Marketing and Sales could get behind. 


A long-term lead generation strategy for both inbound and outbound activities that consists of easy-to-follow, actionable tasks. This required a thorough digital marketing audit, website redesign, and clearly defined framework.  

We started with an internal design sprint workshop, where we laid out the buyer persona, product messaging, customer journey, and acquisition plans. By doing this, we built the foundation for campaigns that Skyrise could run.  As Skyrise’s long-term vision wasn’t quite defined, we needed to test-drive different marketing messages. 

To set up full funnel best practices we also needed to implement the tools for marketing automation and revenue acceleration

To run a more in-depth analysis, we performed a series of audits. SEO, content marketing, Google paid ads, UX & UI, email outreach, Google Tag Manager & Analytics audits all helped us identify the gaps and opportunities throughout the funnel.  

Based on the audits we built a clear funnel wit and 3 performance scenarios that simulated the potential results from inbound and outbound activities.

 I was blown away by the knowledge and experience that this vendor had about the industry and our market. We learned much more than we thought possible, and we appreciated that they were patient and thoughtful while we struggled to keep up with their innovative ideas.

Maciej Lukas

Head of Growth at

Results & Conclusions

Our setup and teamwork throughout Q1-2020 allowed us to bring Skyrise 58 qualified leads and 3 high ticket 6- figure (€) opportunities. We believe that best marketing is done internally so that currently we are a proud consulting partner of Skyrise.


Software Development Consultancy


50-100 employees


2-time winner of Forbes Diamonds

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