Reach Your Clients with Multi-Channel Sales Outreach

We orchestrate outreach activities with heavy research, prospecting, social selling, and multi-channel engagement. Our SDRs will range and outreach with your prospects to book sales appointments for Your sales team.

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B2B Outreach Services

We approach outreach as a hybrid of inbound and outbound sales activities on multiple channels. We prospect, outreach and measure.

Account Prospecting

Guided by your Ideal Customer Profile, we prospect your targeted accounts and your buying committee. We enrich the list with demographics, as well as firmographic and technographic data to personalize your outreach with maximum predictability for success.

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We appreciated fast onboarding and MAN Digital’s deep involvement with the product. As we lack some in-house resources, having outside team members who are committed and have an answer to every question was very helpful.
Marta Szwakopf
Head of Marketing @ XPLUS
This service is for you if
  • Your customer lifetime value is 5000€ or more
  • You are a company that wants to invest in marketing on a long term
  • You have at least 10 customers
  • Highly recommended to have: Demand Generation campaigns will help you have more angles for our outreach activities.
With this service you will get
  • Outreach Project Manager - to help you organize all the sprints, technical setup and enroll your contacts into sales sequences.
  • Sales Copywriter - to write personalized outreach sequences and playbooks.
  • Sprints roadmap - to have a clear understanding of all the activities we will have together in the next months.
  • Personalized outreach maturity model to follow - so that you can scale and track your outreach activities.
  • Flexible contracts - we don't lock down our clients with strict agreements. It's easy with us. You enjoy working with us; we continue, you don't (which we doubt) we stop the partnership.
  • A bunch of energy from our daily sprints.

Some of the tools we use to run Outreach Sales

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CRM & Sales Automation
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Sales Intelligence
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Sales Intellingence
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Email Outreach
Social Selling & Outreach
Sales Dashboard

We build awareness

for our clients on:

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LinkedIn Ads, used in all of the stages of the buyer's journey.
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Xing Ads, used in all of the stages of the buyers journey. DACH region
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Twitter Ads, used as a secondary touch. (Remarketing)
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Facebook Ads, used as a secondary touch. (Remarketing)
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Quora Ads, used as a secondary touch. (Remarketing)
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is inbound outreach different from outbound outreach?

Inbound outreach happens with the people who already interacted with your content.

Outbound outreach happens with the people who might know you but didn't interact with your content and, therefore, are not in your CRM yet.

Who will write the email copy for us?

Our sales copywriters - with input from your sales team.

Do I need to have a sales team for this service?

You need to have at least 1 person responsible for sales, i.e. a person who will talk to the customers.

Can you please expand on what you mean by multi-channel outreach? What does it mean exactly?

Multichannel outreach means that we develop different touchpoints with your targeted accounts on different channels in a very structured and orchestrated manner.

For example, we do outreach via email, LinkedIn, we run social selling, we reach your targeted accounts by phone, text, on Quora, via direct mail, Ads - all of that to build brand awareness for your company.

What is the cost of the service?

B2B multichannel outreach is priced monthly, depending on the bandwidth and competencies needed from us.

We offer modular pricing, i.e. you can change and adjust activities as we go, starting at €1,000/mo and going up to €4,000/mo.

Request a proposal so we can look into your business case and put together a list of services you need to hit your revenue goals

Do I need to have HubSpot for this service?

Yes, you'll need to have HubSpot Sales Hub - preferred Pro and above.

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