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Ebook - SH 24 (900 x 552 px)

Demand Generation Report Study of Top 12 Software Houses in Poland

We've analysed the entire top-of-funnel activity and compared it to data from 2019.
VC backed Startups in CEE (900 x 552 px)

Top 21 Ventured BackedCEE Startups

Exploring how leading VC-supported startups strategically build demand gen in 2024.
Startups EU (900 x 552 px)

B2B Demand Generation of Top European Startups

What are the demand generation strategies and tactics of the top 7 startups by est. revenue?

What can you expect  ?

Executive Snapshot

A quick 10-15 page executive overview with charts and insights on our findings.

Ad Library

A library with all thier Google Ads and Linkedin Ads of the companies studied.

Master data sheet with all our research

A massive google sheet with all the data we found for each study. Including SEO, PPC, Social, Content, etc.

News and Scoops

We do research on the companies and interview the companies we study to get more insights. You’ll get all of the essential summaries in the newsletter.