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Strategy Advice

Get expert advice on how to grow.

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Quick Delivery

Get things done. Fast.

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Break Through

Get advice on how to power through when stuck.

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Fast Feedback

Review your activities with experienced B2B marketers.

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Just chatting

Keep in touch with leading B2B experts.

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Team Hiring

We will offer solutions to all your hiring questions.

I was blown away by the knowledge and experience that MAN Digital had about our industry and our market.
Maciej Lukas SKYRISE-1
Maciej Lukas
Growth Manager @ Skyrise
ABM Strategy is for you if
  • Your customer lifetime value is 15,000€ or more
  • You are a company that wants alignment between marketing & sales
  • You have at least 20 customers
  • You have at least 4,000€ in operational marketing costs per ABM program
With this service you will get
  • Project Manager - to execute, organize and coordinate your ABM strategy.
  • Market and customer segmentation - to better understand the target market (we wrote about it here).
  • Ideal Customer Profile - to have a clear understanding of what companies you need to target and avoid. (we wrote about it here).
  • Accounts Tiers - to prioritize your customers.
  • Target List - to have a specific list of companies to target.
  • ABM Tier approach - recommendation on what ABM approach to have for each customer tier.
  • Buyer Roles - to understand buyer persona responsibilities, KPIs and impactful content.
  • Buying Committees - to help you figure out who your budget holders, deal influencers, and decision-makers are.
  • Messaging Map - to differentiate your service and create the right content for each stage of the buying process.
  • Content Outline - to have a list of content you need to create for the ABM program.
  • ABM Orchestration - to get a process map with all the tools and automation rules you need for implementing ABM.
  • Business Case - to have a detailed budget and ROI calculations.
  • ABM Orchestration - to have a process map with all the tools and automation rules you need for implementing ABM.

Some of the tools we use to run ABM programs

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CRM & Marketing Automation
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Sales Intelligence
google ads
Ad Platform
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Email Outreach
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ABM Platform
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Sales Intellingence

We build awareness

for our clients on:

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LinkedIn Ads, used in all of the stages of the buyer's journey.
XingAds 1
Xing Ads, used in all of the stages of the buyers journey. DACH region
Group 299
Twitter Ads, used as a secondary touch. (Remarketing)
facebook 1
Facebook Ads, used as a secondary touch. (Remarketing)
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Quora Ads, used as a secondary touch. (Remarketing)
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Frequently Asked Questions

I am just getting started with ABM. Should I hire an ABM consultant from MAN Digital?

Yes, this is the best decision you can make to avoid the obvious mistakes and cut the learning curve.

Request a proposal to see what ABM consultancy would look like for your business.

How is consulting service different from full-service?

With ABM consulting, you execute the program on your end. With full-service ABM, we execute, orchestrate, and coordinate ABM campaigns for you.

What is the cost of ABM consulting per month?

The cost of ABM consulting starts at 1,500/mo. Request a proposal to see what ABM consultancy would look like for your business.

Do you guarantee results with ABM consulting service?

We do not. You are the one executing the program. That said, you are closer to success when guided by us than if you’d be doing it alone.

While we don’t make promises, we are sure you’re more likely to hit your revenue goals guided by a senior consultant from MAN Digital.

Did my consultant run ABM programs in practice?

Absolutely. All of our consultants run ABM programs for clients, meaning they are practitioners.

Do I need to have HubSpot for this service?

No, you don’t, but we highly recommend it because all of our ABM execution is done via HubSpot.

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