Revenue Infrastructure  for B2B Tech Companies

Prepare your Revenue Operations for success. Our experience and certifications for B2B companies guarantee a long-lasting setup that holds as you grow.

We've handled Revenue Infrastructure for dozens of B2B Tech Companies
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Revenue Infrastructure for B2B Tech Companies

We're HubSpot Gold Partner, with 5+ years of experience in the field.


HubSpot Onboarding

Available for all HubSpot products. You will have a dedicated HubSpot onboarding expert for two months who will help you get the most out of your setup.


HubSpot Portal Management

You will have a dedicated HubSpot expert work with you monthly to support and get the most out of your HubSpot portal. We will deal with pages, blogs, workflows, lead scoring, rules, and the architecture of your portal.


HubSpot Portal Audit

Our team will run a data-driven HubSpot portal audit focusing on quick improvements and the architecture of your portal. We include online consulting calls taking you through the audit elements as well as post-audit tasks.


HubSpot Training & Development

We drive HubSpot sales and marketing online workshops for teams of different seniority levels. We cover HubSpot use cases for startups, SME's and Enterprises.

They felt like part of our team rather than an external resource.
Ovidiu SmartDreamers
Ovidiu Marginean
CMO @ SmartDreamers

Our Approach to Revenue Infrastructure

We dive into your analytics and suggest actionable steps to get the most out of your HubSpot ecosystem for marketing and sales enablement.

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Month 1

HubSpot Implementation Plan

1. HubSpot Onboarding

We onboard your team and introduce them to HubSpot modules and features.

2. Training & Development

We conduct training for your marketing and sales teams and ensure they have all necessary integrations and add-ons.

3. Web Design and Development

We design appealing and easy-to-navigate HubSpot pages, emails, sales templates, and everything you need to enable your teams.

Month 2
1. Marketing Automation Setup

We make sure your HubSpot sequences and workflows are set up correctly.

2. Offer & Lead Magnets Creation

We work on your content offers and lead magnets that trigger nurturing workflows.

3. Ad Campaigns Setup

We set up ad campaigns targeting your buyer personas across platforms.

4. Tracking and Analytics Setup

We handle your analytics setup to make sure you can use HubSpot's transparent and actionable reporting. 

Month 3
1. Content Distribution

We plan and execute the distribution of your content offers and lead magnets.

2. Performance Marketing -> Ads to offer pages

We make data-driven ad decisions to bring the maximum number of qualified leads to your landing pages. 

3. Lead Nurturing and Scoring

We use HubSpot's automation features to build lead nurturing workflows and sequences.

4. Outbound Sales (contextual)

We use HubSpot tools to run outbound sales campaigns that rely on automation and nurturing sequences.

Monthly Ongoing


1. Marketing-influenced Pipeline Growth

You see the bigger impact that your marketing activities make on moving the deals forward.

2. Qualified Leads

You get better-quality, nurtured leads ready for a conversation with sales.

3. Traffic Increase

Thanks to the lead magnets, ads, and multi-channel content distribution tailored to buyer personas, you see a spike in website traffic.

Group 310

Some of the tools we use with HubSpot

Contact Sync
Sales Intelligence
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Ad Platform
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Email Outreach
Data & Analytics
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Sales Intelligence

Prepare your Revenue Ops for success

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LinkedIn Ads, used in all of the stages of the buyers journey.
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Xing Ads, used in all of the stages of the buyers journey. DACH region
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Twitter Ads, used as a secondary touch. (Remarketing)
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Facebook Ads, used as a secondary touch. (Remarketing)
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Quora Ads, used as a secondary touch. (Remarketing)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase a HubSpot license from you?

No, we don't sell HubSpot licenses - you can do that directly from HubSpot. We facilitate and give consultations on which HubSpot products you need. We also run HubSpot onboardingmanagement, and training

How are you different from other HubSpot agencies?

The difference is our focus on ABM and B2B. On top of that, our services are performance-based and modular. It means that you can change the activities based on the campaigns and your competencies. 

When we work together, we are part of your team. In other words, we are deeply involved in your product, committed to daily standups, OKRs, experimentation, etc. We extend your team, unlike traditional agencies that specialize in specific things and are only involved in singular tasks. 

To put it simply, we cover all the aspects of your B2B marketing and sales.

Who do I need to involve from my team?

Marketing as well as sales leaders and sales reps if you purchase HubSpot sales products.

In some cases, when you need IT integrations, you might need to allocate a technical person from your side (CTO, architect, IT director, etc.).

Which HubSpot products can you help me implement?

All of them.

Do you work only with B2B?

Yes, we work only with B2B and B2Enterprise, mainly because this is where we're most experienced in and, therefore, can make the biggest impact. 

How do you price your HubSpot services?

HubSpot onboarding has a fixed price, so do HubSpot training and workshops.

As far as HubSpot Portal management is concerned, our consultants will bill you regularly.

Request a proposal, so we can look at your business case and offer specific services that help you hit your revenue goals.

Prepare your Revenue Ops for success

Schedule a 30 minute Revenue Infrastructure strategy call with no commitment.