Scale Customer Acquisition with Paid Advertising

Enhance the interest in your offers and lead magnets by placing ads on the channels where your audience hangs out. To drive relevant traffic to your website, we focus on performance marketing, managing social ads, display and search ads.

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Performance Marketing Services

We use paid advertising to expand your inbound and outbound campaigns with relevant ads for your audiences.

Channel Analysis

We rigorously check the best ad mediums and channels by analyzing the buyer persona and where they hang out online. We'll choose a list of channels for your campaigns with clear prioritization.

Want to know how we can help your business with performance marketing?

They try different attitudes, they do different activities, and we can see that they follow what they teach others.
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Paulina Chmielewska
CMO @ itCraft
This service is for you if
  • Your customer lifetime value is 5000€ or more
  • You are a company that wants to invest in marketing on a long term
  • You have at least 10 customers
  • Highly recommended to have: Demand Generation campaigns will help you have more angles for our paid advertising.
With this service you will get
  • Performance Marketing Coordinator - to help you organize all the sprints, run the technical setup, and place the ads on specific channels.
  • Copywriter - to write a personalized ad copy.
  • Conversion Designer - to design the landing pages and specific ads.
  • Sprints roadmap - to have a clear understanding of all the activities we will have together in the next months.
  • Personalized performance marketing maturity model to follow - so that you can scale and track your outreach activities.
  • Flexible contracts - we don't lock down our clients with strict agreements. It's easy with us. You enjoy working with us; we continue, you don't (which we doubt) we stop the partnership.
  • A bunch of energy from our daily sprints.

Some of the ad platforms we use to run Performance Marketing

Ad platforms

 we use for your campaigns

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LinkedIn Ads, used in all of the stages of the buyer's journey.
XingAds 1
Xing Ads, used in all of the stages of the buyers journey. DACH region
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Twitter Ads, used as a secondary touch. (Remarketing)
facebook 1
Facebook Ads, used as a secondary touch. (Remarketing)
google ads
Google Ads, used in all of the stages of the buyer journey.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the channels you are using for paid ads?

All the channels you can see above ☝️

LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter, Facebook, Google.

Depending on your budget, we can also use ABM ad platforms and AdRoll to expand remarketing publishing inventory.

Who will write the copy for us?

We take care of the copy - with input from your team.

Who will design the ads?

We handle the design on our side - with input from your team.

Do I need to create landing pages for each campaign?

We highly recommend you do so for the sake of unique, specific user experiences and, subsequently, a higher ROI. 

However, to get started, you're not required to create landing pages for each campaign.

What is the cost of the service?

We price the performance marketing monthly, depending on # of channels and campaigns you want to run with us.

We usually include this service in the larger demand gen dedicated team or ABM package as we prioritize performance marketing services in conjunction with ABM and demand gen programs. 

Request a proposal, so we can take a look at your business and propose a list of specific services to hit your revenue goals.

Do I need to have HubSpot for this service?

No, it's not required.

Nevertheless, if you want to track the influence of your pipeline growth from ads, we highly recommend investing in HubSpot.

For example, we could track things, like conversions of your deals created and sources of each paid ad - or return on your ad spend based on open deal value. 

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