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We're certified specialists in HubSpot onboarding for B2B Tech companies. Sales, Marketing, and Service Hub all get transfered without details being left out, so you can keep your Revenue Ops moving at full steam.

We handle Revenue Infrastructure for dozens of B2B Tech Companies
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A proven HubSpot Onboarding process

Our onboarding process focuses on speed and integrity. At the end of it, your marketing and sales processes will be unified to increase your sales velocity. Here's a sample onboarding for HubSpot Marketing Hub Pro:

Business Objectives, Goals, and Kick-Off

The first step in our onboarding is to understand your business goals and objectives. We map previous marketing tech and build a clear plan for how we migrate the processes to HubSpot.

Want to know more about Hubspot onboarding services we offer?

MAN Digital's efforts resulted in more in-depth customer journeys, which will subsequently impact conversion rates. Thanks to their industry knowledge, they were able to improve re-engagement and focus on the business' unique positioning. Their high-quality services were noteworthy.
Łukasz Ciesielski
Łukasz Ciesielski
Head Of Marketing @ Pragmatic Coders
This service is for you if
  • Companies that want to invest in marketing for the long term
  • At least 10 customers
  • Highly recommended having: Demand generation strategy
  • You have at least 5000€/mo operational marketing budget
With this service you will get
  • HubSpot Onboarding Project Manager - to help you organize all the onboarding sprints
  • HubSpot Specialist - to help you with all HubSpot-related tasks and questions.
  • Sprints roadmap - to have a clear understanding of all the activities we will have together in the next months.
  • Flexible contracts - we don't lock down our clients with strict agreements. It's easy with us. You enjoy working with us; we continue, you don't (which we doubt) we stop the partnership.
  • A boost of energy from our daily sprints.

Some tools we use with HubSpot

Contact Sync
Content Marketing
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Ad Platform
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Email Outreach
Remarketing Platform
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Sales Intellingence

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LinkedIn Ads, used in all of the stages of the buyers journey.
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Xing Ads, used in all of the stages of the buyers journey. DACH region
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Twitter Ads, used as a secondary touch. (Remarketing)
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Facebook Ads, used as a secondary touch. (Remarketing)
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Quora Ads, used as a secondary touch. (Remarketing)
Know more

HubSpot Onboarding Services FAQ

Do you have a sample project management timeline for the whole onboarding?

Yes, and we're happy to walk you through it.  Just request a proposal so we can walk you through it.

We'll look into your business case and make a timeline specific to your maturity and goals.

What are the HubSpot products that you onboard on?

All of them.

I already have HubSpot. Can you help me?

Yes, with our HubSpot management services.

Who do I need to involve from my team?

Depending on which HubSpot products you want to onboard, we might need the involvement of your marketing, sales, or service leader/HubSpot owner. 

What is the cost of the service?

Depends on which HubSpot product you need onboarding on. Request a proposal here so that we can offer specific services based on your business case.

Why should I consider HubSpot?

If you're a B2B/B2Enterprise company providing high-ticket premium services, HubSpot is the one-fits-all solution that helps you understand your customer on a 360° level.

On top of that, HubSpot has a huge community of talent to support you in hitting your revenue goals.

Combined, a one-fits-all business growth tool like HubSpot and a certified one-stop agency  like us will help you scale your business in the digital transformation era.

Request a proposal to learn how implementing HubSpot can up your customer acquisition. 

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